Spacer Pods are available in 4 sizes

Spacer Pods for 1

Specification – S model for 1

External size:
D936xW1000xH2300mm – D36.85″xW39.37″xH90.55″

Internal size:
D900xW840xH2140mm – D35.45″xW33.07″xH84.25″

1 Person

Spacer Pods for 2

Specification – M model for 2

External size:
D1236xW1500xH2300mm – D48.66″xW59.06″H90.55″

Internal size:
D1200xW1340xH2140mm – D47.24″xW52.76″xH84.25″

2 Persons

Spacer Pods for 4

Specification – L model for 4

External size:
D1536xW2200xH2300mm – D60.47″xW86.61″xH90.55″

Internal size:
D1500xW2040xH2140mm – D59.06″xW80.31″xH84.25″

4 Persons

Spacer Pods for 6

Specification – XL model for 6

External size:
D2136xW2200xH2300mm – D84.09″xW86.61″xH90.55″

Internal size:
D2100xW2040xH2140mm – D82.68″xW80.31″xH84.25″

6 Persons

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Products Details

Sound Insulation

In our design process,we fully utilize acoustic simulation software such as INSUL MARSHALL ACOUSTIC to obtain optimal acoustic performance, which meets international environmental standards.


Equipped with 4000K daylight colour temperature LED lighting system (150L><), it will satisfy the needs of normal activities. In the event of additional power requirements, a backup power supply is readily installed.

Ventilation Fan

The ventilation system is low noise with a maze-like internal layout for optimal performance, which does not compromise the soundproofing of the Spacer Pods.


Spacer Pods are equipped with 12V—USB power supply and power rated for 100—240V/50—60Hz, complying with common equipment requirements.

Acoustic interior

Spacer Pods are insulated with Polyester Fiber sound-absorbing material.

Sound insulation tempered glass

Double-glazing with sound-insulation tempered glass has been specified in order to achieve our target sound-proofing performance.

Modular Felt

We have engineered a felt which offers the best combination of sound-reduction and insulation against vibration. Our non-vulcanized butyl rubber with a cushioned, woven cover of PE staple fibre is moisture-proof, anti-mildew and easy to clean.


Our design philosophy has simplicity at its heart. The whole pod is put together using only 90-degree fasteners but is super strong and stable.

External cable hole

This can be shut for extra acoustic security if not required. It allows for data/power transfer (for example in live recording). The base of the pod is fitted with a specially engineered damper block to help cut out vibration and structure-born noise.

Anti-wear exterior

The exterior surface of the pods is covered with Korean-made nanometer-PP facing, which has a high resistance to friction, pollution, UV, fire and moisture.

Damping Pad

The base of the pod is fitted with a specially engineered damper block to help cut out vibration and structure-born noise.

Double your efficiency

We can advise on a choice of furniture which best supports the sound proofing character of the pod while at the same time creating a comfortable and stylish interior.

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