Your World, Your Pod

A Spacer Pod is your world.

Just think about it.  People have always set up garden sheds, studios for arts and crafts, a conservatory, an attic den and so on.  They do it because such spaces meet a deep human need.

Furnish and decorate it in your style.  Put objects and pictures that really mean something to you in your pod.  Create a space for meditation, exercise, hobbies or just for drinking your morning coffee in.

Consider how most people actually look after their hobbies and interests.  They fight for a corner of the kitchen table.  Then somebody clears away what they are doing or covers it with flour.  Or they have to sit through a social visit from a person who doesn’t like…origami say.

Imagine you are MAD about origami.  Twice a day you shut the door behind you.  No-one interrupts you.  All your books are there.  Your coloured papers, the music that you listen to while folding.  Or…let’s up the fantasy a little: you are the master of disguise.  Every day you step into your Pod.  All your hair accessories and make-up are there.  You have containers full of cheek wads, false teeth and wigs.  Every day you step out to face the world anew.

You need your own space, you really do.  To relax, to create you need your own retreat.

Shut the door.  The music is still on the stand.  It’s open at the page you left it.  No-one has borrowed your bow to extract their phone from under the sofa, where the dog kicked it.  Leave all that OUTSIDE.  No-one will complain about your violining (in your world, you can call it what you want).  No-one will hear it. Origami, disguise, violindering isn’t your thing?  Well make your pod the way you want it for what you want it for.  That’s what Spacer Pods are all about.