Live Event

Spacer Pods To Your Live Event

A live event with Covid-19 as an unwanted but potential guest?  Is anyone organising such a thing?  Yes, they are, although live event like- festivals, concerts, trade fairs are not going to be the same for a good while.  Are Spacer Pods thinking about supplying pods in this market?  Yes, certainly.  Spacer Pods are an excellent idea for trade fairs.  They provide instant negotiating spaces and mini-offices.  They allow a particular fuss to be made of customers: drinks, canapes, the sight of extra material, future products.  They can also be presented with audio-visuals away from the glaring lights and the noise of public areas.  At concerts, on the other hand, they offer space for lighting and sound engineers or security/first-aid personnel.

With Coronavirus, the means of providing a separate space is all the more necessary.  You can control who comes into a room.  It can be kept more bio-secure and will increase the confidence of employees who have to interact with the public.  As somewhere to retreat to, Spacer Pods could come into their own as part of Covid planning.

Don’t forget Spacer Pods can be configured with a variety of cabling and communications. Spacer pods can be fitted out and furnished for different live events, and they are PORTABLE.  This is an investment that can be used again and again in all sorts of ways. Live Event organisers can order Spacer pods for their equipment store, ready to be brought out as entry gate kiosks, supervisors’ offices, first-aid posts, temperature/swab-taking points, smart-phone check-in points for pre-timed slots, and so on. You will think of endless other uses.  Use Spacer Pods as you want to use them.  Build your event.  We can advise on furnishing and accessories, but these adaptable products are all about you.