Create the Perfect Meeting Space with Spacer Pods

Previously we’ve explored our Small and Medium Spacer Pods (designed for one and two people, respectively). These Spacer Pod models help create the ideal space for a private phone call, an interview, some focused work time free of distractions, or even a one-on-one meeting between colleagues. 

What happens when your workplace calls for a private meeting room that will accommodate more team members? We designed the Large and Extra Large Spacer Pods to help create meeting spaces for up to four or six people in any work environment. 

Built to Create Meeting Space in Any Setting

These Spacer Pods models are ideal for open workspaces, government offices, and even libraries. Not only do the large and extra-large pods have the same sound insulation, lighting, ventilation, and acoustic features as our smaller models, they also create the perfect meeting space for 2, 4, or even more people.

The large Spacer Pod is 1536mm deep, 2200mm wide, and 2300mm in height (D60.47″xW86.61″xH90.55″), comfortably fitting up to four people for a meeting. The extra-large Spacer Pod (D84.09″xW86.61″xH90.55″), while the same width and height, is a full 2100mm deep, making it a great option for gatherings and meetings of up to six people. 

Improve Office Workflow with the Right Spacer Pod

Why do private meeting spaces matter? In our modern work environment, we are continually at arms reach from our colleagues and managers, whether we work in an open office environment, a coworking space, or private cubicles. Even in the most open of spaces (such as a coworking building) Spacer Pods allows you to host meetings without the worry of interruption. 

The option for private meeting space can be especially useful in libraries where community members come to work, research, or study. If private meeting rooms are at capacity, or simply not available, Spacer Pods allow the facility to expand its offerings to members without construction costs or changing the footprint of the entire building. 

Spacer Pods also come retrofitted with the right furniture to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to create a comfortable, inviting meeting space for six or a workspace where two or three can gather to focus on a creative project, our furnishings match any requirement.

Regardless of the location, Spacer Pods create the perfect meeting space wherever they’re placed. Explore all of our models or contact us to order your first Spacer Pod today.