Medium Spacer Pods

Medium Spacer Pod

Today we look at the medium Spacer Pod.  One and a half metres wide and two metres thirty tall with a depth of more than one metre twenty-three, this Pod will accommodate two persons comfortably—perhaps for a private interview or meeting.  It would also be ideal for an instrumental masterclass or indeed any training session where privacy and a period of guaranteed concentration is important. 

Excellent sound insulation has been designed into the product not simply applied at the end of the build.  It comes complete with daylight mimicking LEDs and a power supply adequate for most demands.  There is a ventilation system that doesn’t add irritating sounds of its own.

This is a quality product as standard but that doesn’t mean it cannot be customised in detail for the discerning customer.  We are happy to advise on all choices of furnishings and accessories.

Get in touch with a member of our team today.  It is always interesting to know what uses our customers have in mind for our Pods.  We will be delighted to talk to you about them.

Our portable Spacer Pods can be put to work anywhere with a minimum of fuss.  They are not simply utilitarian but stylish products which will attract favourable comment from staff and visitors alike.

Medium Spacer Pod