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Just for YOU – Spacer Pods

We thought we would concentrate on just one of our models for a moment – the one-person SpacerPod, which is small enough to fit in a largish living-room or find an unobtrusive corner in the open-plan office. Not large enough for meetings, this Pod offers the core advantages of a Spacer Pod. It is comfortable, sound-proofed and easily moved between locations.

How you use it is up to you but to understand its benefits let’s imagine three uses.
First, it is the ideal place to practise a musical instrument in the home without disturbing other residents. Second, it offers a private space for meditation or other stress-reducing activities in the workplace or home. Third, it provides a quiet and private space for study at home or concentrated work at the office.

Devices and materials can be returned to exactly as they were before a break and the distractions of the outside can be left at the door.

The internal dimensions are 900 by 840 by 2140 millimetres (35.45 by 33.07 by 84.25 inches). Special sound-insulating fibre is used in the walls and ceiling, windows are double-glazed with sound-insulation tempered glass and INSUL MARSHALL ACOUSTIC software has been used to design optimal sound performance. Ventilation is provided with a low-noise fan. This is a quality product and it can be customised with appropriate furnishings and fittings about which we are happy to advise.

We provide the quality: you provide the use. We are always delighted to discuss your needs and relish an opportunity to enthuse about our Pods without any obligation on your part.

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